If you want to buy a house in the Balearic Islands and are a non-resident in Spain, mortgage services Futur Finances will surely interest you, to get the best mortgage for non-residents in Mallorca and other Balearic Islands.

Our mortgage services, seeking to save time and money, including:

  1. Negotiate with banks operating in Spain so you get the best mortgage conditions, depending on your financial situation and savings that can contribute to the operation and specific needs.
  2. Transactions related to the purchase of your future home in Spain related to obtaining the mortgage, as we have staff in Mallorca that speaks your language.
  3. Solve all your questions for the day you go to sign notarized mortgage you only have to worry about carrying your NIE and sign the deeds of your house. Finance the home of your dreams advised by Futur Finances is a double hit: a residence in a wonderful Islands hiring a good mortgage at the lowest possible interest.

Find out the best mortgage brokers in Spain


There are many options a big bank can offer you, such as placing a stop in case the euribor goes up, or currencies such as Sweden crone or other.

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